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the golden apples of the sun

copa de oro

meet my motherfuckin' motherfuckin
17 September 1984
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This isn't who it would be, if it wasn't who it is

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Vamos a jugar por la playa

I used to think it was the bad things that you do
You're gonna pay for in the end
More than that it is the good you could have done
But you did something else instead

If you hadn't caught me here tonight
Would I have died in darkness dreaming of the light?


"Well, where do we go now, eh, where are we going?"..."When you've gone a long, long way down to the sun and touched it and lingered and jumped around and streaked away from it, where are you going then? When you go away from the heat and the noonday light and the laziness, where do you go?"
-The Golden Apples of the Sun